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Meet Emily: Premier Denver, Colorado Florist


I'm Emily, the Owner & Lead Designer of Landfall. If we haven't met yet, it's wonderful to meet you!

My journey as a florist began in 2020, when the pandemic nudged me to pause in my graphic design career and recalibrate. I stumbled happily into a floral apprenticeship (shoutout to my friends at Native Poppy!) and realized I’d found my passion! Design with dimension, tactile art, and a small vignette of the outdoors with an endless source of inspiration.

After a few years on the coast, I returned to Colorado with a craving for florals in our day-to-day lives that could mirror, even in a modest scale, the wonder of nature. When a charming space in Denver Union Station opened up in Fall 2022, my story shifted to be Landfall’s story.

And so we began: thoughtful, elevated, and natural florals for all to enjoy. I’m so grateful you’re here. I cannot wait to share my version of paradise with you, and I really hope you love it!


Flowers and gifts, designed by a premier florist in Denver, CO

Our Values

Magnify Natural Beauty

As florists, we delight in the charming quirks, mesmerizing complexity, and natural aging of ephemeral blooms. We draw inspiration from the hidden depth within each stem and the original contexts of our floral ingredients.

Less Is More

We believe in the art of simplicity. Our designs are crafted with a purposeful restraint, allowing the inherent beauty to take center stage. We find joy in showcasing the quiet elegance that exists right before our eyes.

Conscientious Design

We are striving to be better stewards of the environment and our community. We prioritize the use of environmentally-friendly products, minimize waste, seek out local blooms in and around Denver, CO (and avoid invasive ones!), and carefully choose gifts from businesses that share our values.

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